RUILING Warranty Policy

Refund (refund only) From the customer's order to the customer's receipt, the order refund (products on sale in each store) caused by customer problems, logistics problems, service problems, etc.

Return and exchange: Return and exchange of products after the customer (meaning the consumer) has signed for them due to product quality problems, logistics problems, product use problems, etc. (products on sale in each store).

Repair The process of returning defective products returned to the factory for online order processing.

Gifts Products that are not directly sold as auxiliary gifts during the sales process or order closing process.

7-day no-reason return and exchange 7-day no-reason return and exchange is based on the calculation time from 0:00 on the second day after the logistics is signed, and 168 hours is 7 days. Specifically, consumers use
After trading and shopping, within 7 days after signing for the goods, if you are unwilling to complete the transaction due to subjective reasons, you can submit an application for "7 days no reason to return" (except for some commodities and categories), And the goods returned by the buyer must not affect the seller's secondary sales.

After-sales treatment after replacement Replacement repair service is only provided once. If there is a problem within 7-15 days after the replacement is received, it can be replaced again. If it exceeds 15 days, the second replacement cannot be provided.

Free maintenance service if the customer does not accept it, feedback to the superior to apply for special treatment. In the post-sale period beyond free replacement, if customers report quality problems, they can negotiate fees with customers according to the following standards and deal with them as appropriate.

Logistics problems A series of problems caused by express logistics and transportation, such as: damage, lost items, missed delivery, wrong delivery, no logistics update, false receipt, etc., the responsible party is logistics/express, The relevant expenses incurred shall be borne by the courier. Our customer service first negotiates with the customer and gives a satisfactory solution to the customer. This problem must be registered in the logistics follow-up form "Express Issue Follow-up Form".

Customers encounter various problems in the process of using our products, contact the online after-sales customer service, and the online customer service will check and verify the abnormalities in the process of product use based on customer feedback